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Connect with homeowners looking for a landscaping company in Texas

We recently launched our Ready, Set, Grow Club. A free marketplace where we connect landscaping companies with homeowners looking for yard design and installation, maintenance, special yard care, and upgrades.

We are a Wholesale Nursery serving Professional Landscapers. Our mission is to help Landscaping Companies in Texas grow their business profitably, and we take it seriously! 

We sell exclusively to professional landscapers, but homeowners constantly reach out to us for high-quality plants and recommendations.

Since we want to work with you and not compete in your market, we figured out a way to make meaningful business connections for residential landscaping projects. Plus, we are frequently awed by the beautiful yard designs and pleased with your excellent service.

When you join the Ready, Set, Grow Club, Homeowners can browse your profile and Request a Quote using the platform. Once connected, you can work directly with your prospect on the project’s specifics.

We expect you to buy the plant material from Newton Nurseries when you book the service. As an incentive, you get an additional 20% discount on that invoice, and your new customer receives a free tree on us!

We invite you to be a part of this Texas Landscaping Club!

Get new Leads for Residential Landscaping Projects

If you work with Newton Nurseries and want to grow your customer base with residential landscaping projects, you can create a free account in the Club and showcase your services through your personalized Listing.

Once you Sign Up, our dedicated Program Coordinator can help you create an enticing profile, including

  • Information about your company
  • Your expertise
  • Your services
  • The zip codes you serve
  • Pictures from your previous jobs

Through different traditional and digital marketing strategies, we promote the Ready, Set, Grow Club with homeowners in Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, and Austin areas.

Users have easy tools to find the perfect match when browsing the profiles. There is a search bar to look by service, company name, zip code, category filters, and ratings, or they can find your Listing on the map.

The platform works from their computers or phones. Straightaway, they will contact you through the platform and Request a Quote. You can reply to their message and start a direct conversation with your new prospect.

Basically, you get new customer leads for free!

And there is more, get a 20% discount and a free tree for your new client!

We are confident you would provide your new client with the best plant material and a great price.

To incentivize this new connection as we launch the Club, we’ll give you an additional 20% discount when you shop the plant material at any of our Newton Nurseries locations in Texas.

Likewise, your customer receives a gift from us. When you pick up the plants for your new customer, we will give them a free 15-gallon tree that you can deliver and install in their yard as part of the project.

Once you complete the project, we ask your customer for a review which we post in your profile. Your customer ratings help you build your reputation, increasing your visibility.

What’s the catch? 

None. It is a no-brainer for all!

We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years; therefore, we have the local connections and expertise.

Homeowners are looking for reliable sources to find a trustworthy landscaping company and access high-quality plants for their yards.

Undoubtedly, we are confident you can bring forth expert advice and excellent service in building or maintaining their dream yard.

As a wholesale nursery, we want to provide you with the trees, shrubs, colors, and hardscaping products for your new residential projects. As you grow your business with us, you unlock additional benefits and perks that keep helping you grow your business.

It’s a win, win situation for all parties!

Create your free account today and connect with homeowners in your service area to grow your business!

If you have questions or need help with your Listing, please get in touch with us at 832-785-6635 or come by the Nursery and ask for the Ready, Set, Grow Club. We are always happy to see you and help!


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